The Liminal Identity Graph

Addressing vendor lock-in with mutually sovereign social graphs!

Portable identity without vendor lock in!

Taking ownership of your data means that you can now reuse it; as this includes your connections it means you can port them into any compatible application in the Holochain ecosystem or connected to it. Only people you trust and permit may access information you share. Learn more about digital identiy and web of trust here


Web of Trust Technology

Say no to behavioural manipulation and big techs irresponsible use of your data

Safe Technology

The technology we are leveraging is unenclosable cannot be exploited by big tech or anyone

Portable data

Your personal data is now portable, including your social network. No more issues with vendor lock in!


Enable trusted parties to leverage your capabilities without gatekeepers prescribing how!

Community Oriented

Strore and visualise your grass roots connections from the bottom up on a human centric internet

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